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FACT: I have a shaved head.

People ask me a lot of Qs about it.


When you do something different, people get confused as to why. I get it. These are some questions that I am asked by friends, aquaintances, family and the industry. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.


Why did you do it?


I thought, "why the f$%k not?".


Do you feel any different?


Nope, I still feel like myself. I realize I look different to others, but I still feel the exact same. 


You know this is going to pigeon-hole you, right?


To an effect, that is my hope. In this industry you will get swallow-up and pinned down no matter how you look -- why not at least enjoy the freedom of choice in doing so?



I don't know what to do with you ? ? ?


Hey- that's ok. No need to panic. I do have a strong sense of myself. And I create my own content


Will you remove your nose rings?


Sure - easy peasy lemon-squeezy.


What type shows do you see yourself on?


Right now I am looking at Orange is the New Black, Girls and Broad City. 


May I please touch your head?


Why, my friend, when you ask so nicely -- of course!!!


Do you just feel your head all day?


Yes, but thank God I have learned to schedule in food breaks.


How can I get in touch with you to take photos?


Oh fun! Check out my Let's Do Stuff Page!

This page is all in good fun : )


No matter what, I am a human driven to tell stories. If you think I should be a part of yours, let's talk!

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