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Roles Lesley plays are always underlined with a sense of rebellion. 

Hailing from the South, Lesley never quite fit in and got into trouble. Whether she was too bossy, too stubborn, too smart, too curious or too loud, she learned how to draw attention to herself when she wanted: by cracking a joke or taking the stage.

Lesley would love to be the failed sibling moving back home, best friend encouraging the lead character to explore their authenticity and an activist fighting the status quo. Being a minor character that changes the course of the hero or adds comic relief to a serious storyline are a few of her specialities.


Growing up as a Southern Misfit in the church, she knows how to perform according to the social standards of the status quo, but there's always a sense of underlying rebellion. 

You ready?

    Me, too.

Photo by Olga Elliot

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